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Protected Land Encroachment - August

Protected Land Encroachment

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#1 Ginger Henderson

Ginger Henderson

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Posted 02 August 2015 - 12:10 PM

The locations at the bottom has/have object(s) that is/are encroaching into Protected Land. The encroachment can be physical or visual(impaired view when sailing through object(s)). AR (Abuse Reports) have been filed on the object(s) in question.
To help out and to help make our sailing adventures much more pleasurable you could also when you get a chance file an AR.
Here is info on how to do this.

And here is a suggestion on what to put for these ones in particular.
************Filing AR***********************************
Way to file the AR is to be on top of the object so you can have it in your cam as well make sure you are in the Protected Land in question,
right click the object to AR, select Manage, Report Abuse
In the pop up window, in 'Select category' select 'Land>Encroachment>Objects or textures'
Summary: Protected Land Encroachment

There is/are an object(s) that is/are interfering with being able to navigate through this Protected Land.

Then click Report Abuse button and the AR is sent.

This list will be updated periodically.
as well if you notice some, do post them here.

All these where added before August 2015 and are still active...
http://maps.secondli... Fell/48/245/21
http://maps.secondli...rvan/120/121/20 (mines under water non phantom)

What are Hotlaps?

#2 janie broome

janie broome


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Posted 27 September 2015 - 01:41 AM

i spoke to live chat today and their  reply led me to this forum

 this is the live chat
[18:16] Janie (janie.broome): Ginger L: Hello! I may be working with multiple issues already, so please explain your issue (including any ticket numbers we will be discussing) and I will be with you shortly.
Please note: Live Chat is unable to assist with abuse-related issues. Abuse reports can be submitted using the Second Life viewer's built-in tool under the Help menu.
Ginger L: Hi Janie Broome. How can I help you today?
You: I live in the continent of sansara and moved her because i love to sail
You: when i try the protected water ways are blocked with off shore builds
You: i have been making abuse reports to try and get them removed
You: its not just little waves its mountains and light houses
Ginger L: Unfortunately residents can build whatever they wish on their land. We cannot make them remove those objects.
You: i know that but the off shore builds are blocking the protected water ways
You: its got the mother prim on their land
You: and the build pushed out over the protected land
Ginger L: You may file an abuse report but I am
[18:16] Janie (janie.broome):  not sure anything can be done. I am sorry.
You: are you reasonably sure noting can be done
Ginger L: Unfortunately I am almost positive. We cannot force a resident to remove an item from their land. I am sorry.
You: its not on their land
Ginger L: You can submit an abuse report for review. We cannot assist with an issue like this through this route.
You: ok thank you ginger may i ask can i use this chat
You: copy paste
Ginger L: You may, however as I stated before, I doubt anything can be done in this case. If the item was able to be placed then we cannot ask a resident to remove it. I am sorry.
You: i wish you a good day thank you
Ginger L: You are welcome. Take care.

#3 janie broome

janie broome


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Posted 27 September 2015 - 01:58 AM

i have land in Heterocera

these are the builds blocking my way yesterday i would like them to be added to the list










this is realy bad 







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