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NYC Cats Thursdays @11am - Oct.4th - Nacra

Racing Nacra NYC Nantucket YC

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Posted 05 October 2018 - 12:28 AM

Good group today with up to 7 sailors on the starting line.

The racing was intense and exciting on the fast Nacra, each of our sailors demonstrating great skills today. 

Given the brisk breeze, the races were fast paced and we eventually had some incidents in the last race as the sailors started to tire a little (maybe). But nothing too serious, it was a fine regatta.


Congrats to Fanny(2) and Moon(1) for their wins.

They had to fight and display resilience to manage to cross the line with honours.


Wind was a steady breeze from the South (21SSV1G1D00)

Race Results & Comments: 
Race 1 - NYC 712
 1: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- 00:10:48
 2: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:11:18
 3: TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- 00:11:20
 4: LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- 00:11:35
 5: trisha Diavolo   IDBSF424 -- 00:11:40
 6: Heather Schlag   IDBSC8EB -- not Finished
Lap Times: 
 FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:01  --  Last lap: 00:10:47
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:11:11
 TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:11:09
 LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- Start: 00:00:03  --  Last lap: 00:11:32
 trisha Diavolo   IDBSF424 -- Start: 00:00:01  --  Last lap: 00:11:39
 Heather Schlag   IDBSC8EB -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: not finished
Fanny took the lead after the 1st tack and never looked back.
Behind her, the action was torrid ! After a good start by all, it was first Trisha leading the chase, with Lalia and Bianca hot on her tail during the beat to Windlass.
Closing the beat on high speed, Moon took advantage of a better line (and 2 fewer tacks) to squeeze by on a cross just before Windlass, almost catching up with Fanny before she accelerated with her genaker. The 2 leaders went on a fast reach, in that same order, never to be seen again.
Behind, the group of 3 kept their match very much alive: Bianca was never too far and pounced around Windlass island with a very efficient genaker set, passing Trisha first then battling it out with Lalia, eventually edging ahead thanks to her wind shadow on the broad reach. Heather, after a good start, was never in contention and withdrew before the finish line.
Race 2 - NYC 717
 1: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- 00:09:39
 2: TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- 00:10:18
 3: LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- 00:10:46
 4: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:10:54
 5: trisha Diavolo   IDBSF424 -- not Finished
 6: Heather Schlag   IDBSC8EB -- not Finished
 7: Palani Allen   IDBS5103 -- not Finished
Lap Times: 
 FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:01  --  Last lap: 00:09:38
 TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: 00:10:13
 LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:10:35
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:04  --  Last lap: 00:10:50
 trisha Diavolo   IDBSF424 -- Start: 00:00:03  --  Last lap: not finished
 Heather Schlag   IDBSC8EB -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: not finished
 Palani Allen   IDBS5103 -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: not finished
The start of race 2, with 7 boats, was very intense again with 4 boats within a few boat lengths of each other, taking a packed but clean start! 
Fanny was slightly upwind of that group, and managed to increase her lead at the first tack, taking advantage of that windward position.
The chasing group was led by Trisha  again, with Bianca hot on her aft. Moon followed with Heather and Lalia not far while Palani closed the fleet.
Unfortunately, Trisha suffered a crash after a brush-off with Bianca. 
Moon was now under the threat of Lalia. After a couple close crosses on the beat from #6 to #7, she rounded the mark #7 ahead and managed to stay ahead until the end.
The last 2 boats suffered crashes as well and were DNF.
Race 3 - NYC 735
 1: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:10:07
 2: TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- 00:10:30
 3: Palani Allen   IDBS5103 -- 00:11:30 (?)
 4.FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- not Finished
 5: LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- not Finished
Lap Times: 
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:10:00
 TgBianca Resident   IDBSEB40 -- Start: 00:00:09  --  Last lap: 00:10:21
 Palani Allen   IDBS5103 -- Start: 00:00:20 (?)  --  Last lap: 00:11:20 (?)
FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: not finished


 LaliaCasau Resident   IDBSB609 -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: not finished


Trisha and Heather retired, so only 5 boats remained for the last race. Strangely, Palani's boat didn't register at start. 

Meanwhile, the race started with Lalia fouling Fanny on the line (she did not keep clear as the windward boat, in a "classic" case of "barging"). Unable to restart, Lalia retired from the race. Fanny got slowed down by the incident and found herself neck and neck with Moon, for the duration of the 1st tack. Being windward and inside, she managed to clear herself a little from Moon, but then, failed to spot Bianca, who was converging on starboard, soon enough to keep clear and collided with her (port boat vs. starboard boat)

Penalized, she dropped to last. The winner of the incident was Moon who managed to sail around the entangled boats to take the lead, which he did not relinquish.

Behind, Bianca was battling Palani while Fanny was trying to catch up.

The battle was short-lived though, as Bianca showed better speed and Fanny suffered a crash.



Nacra@NYC - No room for the windward boat! 


The sailors enjoyed a friendly chat after the races. Hoping to see more of you all next week. We will race the Flying Shadow in this same time slot. 

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