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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 16th September, 2018

SLIFF Skagway Bandit IF

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 04:12 PM

Sunday 16th September, 7am SLT
SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway
We almost doubled our numbers at Skagway today with seven boats lined up at the start. Perhaps the long, hot European summer is finally over and allowing our sailors to stay indoors on a Sunday afternoon again. We had some very excellent racing today with clean starts, and very few rule infringements requiring penalties and those were all port/starboard situations which are difficult to see coming with the restricted view we have in SL and the speed the IF turns when you do try to get out of the way. 
Moonglow was our victorious champion today with three straight wins, closely followed by a very hard charging Ian and Ruggero in third place overall. If we didn't discard one of the three races, though, Siri (with three finishes versus Ruggero's two) would have claimed the bottom step on the podium, raising again the question if discarding one-in-three is the fairest way of scoring a short series.
Results and race commentary follows...
Sunday@SLIFF - 16th September 2018
Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:14:40
2: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:16:59
3: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:17:23
4: Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- 00:17:24
5: BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- 00:19:08
6: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:19:13
7: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:19:21
Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:14:33
IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: 00:16:51
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:30  --  Last lap: 00:16:53
Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- Start: 00:00:13  --  Last lap: 00:17:11
BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- Start: 00:00:13  --  Last lap: 00:18:55
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:21  --  Last lap: 00:18:52
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:01:17  --  Last lap: 00:18:04
This first race went very smoothly apart from THREE port on starboard penalties. Moonglow claimed the lead by the end of the upwind leg and never looked back, clearly stretching his legs out in front of a more closely racing field.
Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:17:24
2: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:18:32
3: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:19:38
4: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:20:17
5: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:21:36
6: Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- 00:22:08
7: BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- 00:22:16
Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:17:13
IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:10  --  Last lap: 00:18:22
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:25  --  Last lap: 00:19:13
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:21  --  Last lap: 00:19:56
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:31  --  Last lap: 00:21:05
Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- Start: 00:00:33  --  Last lap: 00:21:35
BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- Start: 00:00:03  --  Last lap: 00:22:13
Another good clean start saw Moonglow taking the upwind advantage, but Blake pinched up hard to clear the Hoonah Rocks and sneaked into the lead ahead of Moon, Ruggero and Ian. Moonglow, however, sailed a really neat and efficient upwind leg through Ketchikan and then Prince of Wales - not having to tack gave him a clear advantage at Columbia Bar and he never lost this clear lead. Siri would also have managed this leg with no tacks if he hadn't run foul of the RD's eagle eyes when he rammed a starboard tack boat and had to perform a 360 penalty turn. 
The field stretched itself out except for Siri and Blake at the back. They entered the downwind leg neck-and-neck and, despite both nearly getting penalties for not giving the leeward boat enough room, Siri sailed the leg slightly better and crossed the line in 6th place ahead of Blake.
Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:25:02
2: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:25:24
3: Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- 00:26:21
4: BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- DSQ, missed Mark #6
5: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- not Finished
6: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- not Finished
Lap Times:
BlakeFunkmeister Resident   IDBSBEB1 -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: 00:14:39 -- crossed the start line instead of rounding the red buoy
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:24:56
IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:03  --  Last lap: 00:25:21
Sirius Rosca   IDBS6B75 -- Start: 00:00:13  --  Last lap: 00:26:08
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:12  --  Last lap: not finished
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:14  --  Last lap: not finished
The final race saw one of those incidents that can leave an RD scratching his head, wondering who to penalise. Ian had tacked (Rule 20: Room to Tack at an Obstruction) to give Ruggero room, but then tried to immediately tack back again to clear the right-of-way Siri on starboard tack ... but Ruggero was now there in his way so Ian ended up as the port in a starboard sandwich  :D All three stuck together until they sorted themselves out, Ian ending up at the back of the fleet and the RD deciding to call it a racing incident - one of those unavoidable situations brought about by the slow-turning IF and the challenges of a 2D view of the world. Perhaps Ian could have ducked below Siri, but I'm not sure there would have been room to avoid a collision.
Ian went on a recovery charge though and by the top of the upwind leg had recovered to 4th. Moonglow had just managed to squeeze in front of Blake at the Tongass upwind mark to take the lead, closely followed by Tay who claimed 2nd place on the downwind leg and then crashed just pass The Needles Platform ... never to be seen again  :( Tay's skipperless boat fouled Blake who dropped behind Ian, now up to 2nd and doing his best to reel in Moonglow inch by concentrated inch. In the end though, Moonglow held off the challenge and finished in 1st place for a hat-trick of wins.
A great days racing with congratulations to all the racers and spectators, and a special congrats to Moonglow for the overall win!

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