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SLIFF - Race Results - Sunday Morning the 5th of August 2018

SLIFF Bandit IF Race results

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Posted 06 August 2018 - 02:58 PM


Sunday 5th of August, 7am SLT
SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway
We had a lovely sailing day, pity that on the last part, when it got past 8:30 am SLT, a lot more people came online which SL became suddenly very laggy. 
But the racing in itself was great. All racers kept close to each other the whole time, and we could enjoy some marvelous battles.
We went for a 3 race regatta on SLIFF-01, 02 and finally SLIFF-12.
And Ian joined our races for the very first time, and he really impressed me with how well he could keep up with our most skilled racers at SLIFF.  He's going to be a real adversary for many.
Below are today's results:
Attendees: Ian, Tay, Fanny, Justin, Moon, Jimi,
First course: SLIFF-01
Race Results: 
 1: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- 00:16:22
 2: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:16:48+ 00:01:00 = 00: 17:48 > 5th place
 3: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:16:49
 4: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:17:12
 5: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:17:45
 6: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:17:52
Lap Times: 
 FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:16:11
 Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:15  --  Last lap: 00:16:33
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: 00:16:41
 SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:20  --  Last lap: 00:16:52
 Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:17:34
 IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:17:46
 I so wish I could have made a video of this start, with Moon maneuvering between Fanny and Jimi at the very last moment and making a really professional start. Really awesome !
Fanny could take the lead very soon after the start, and then kept going till the finish. Moon and Jimi were racing neck to neck, but at the last gybe of both, Moon protested that Jimi wasn't keeping clear. I had to consult Macz to be sure how the rules apply in this specific situation.
And indeed Moon's protest was valid. Jimi had to keep clear of Moon being the leeward boat. So to set things right, I decided to penalize Jimi with an extra minute.
Second course: SLIFF-02
Race Results: 
 1: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- 00:18:41
 2: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:19:12
 3: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:19:46
 4: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:20:19
 5: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:20:57
 6: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:23:04
Lap Times: 
 FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:18:35
 Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:19:05
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:17  --  Last lap: 00:19:29
 SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:01  --  Last lap: 00:20:18
 Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:20:51
 IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:25  --  Last lap: 00:22:39
Again a lovely race to watch, pity Ian got confused at the last turning buoy before heading downwind to the finish - so he lost some precious time there.
Third course: SLIFF-12
Race Results: 
 1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:20:34
 2: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:21:54
 3: IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- 00:22:09
 4: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:22:28
 5: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:24:12
 6: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- not Finished
Lap Times: 
 Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:19  --  Last lap: 00:20:15
 moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:21:47
 IanPixel Resident   IDBSC92D -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: 00:22:04
 SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:16  --  Last lap: 00:22:12
 Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:18  --  Last lap: 00:23:54
 FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:02  --  Last lap: not finished
this race had a bit of hurdles; especially for Fanny and Tay. when both wanted to lengthen their upwind tack by sailing into an empty space between the house boats in Juneau South. Unfortunately for them a new owner had placed an invisible prim to mark the boundaries of her parcel, and both Fanny and Tay got stuck there for a while. The others took advantage of that of course. Jimi made it quickly to the head of the fleet and could maintain his lead. Moon battles fiercely to gain water on those in front of him and he made it second at the finish. But lag kicked in hard all of a sudden when the racers were sailing back from the buoy at Blake Inlet. Especially Hoonah seemed to be bad. and with that lag and the fact that 4 boats were battling so close to the sim border crossing, I was unable to verify if a protest from Fanny was valid or not. And then when a wind shift made Fanny loose control over her boat, she decided to quit the race.
But Ian got himself a well deserved third place at the finish. 
and then the math:
    SLIFF-01    SLIFF-02    SLIFF-12    totals
Moon   2           3               2             4
Jimi      5           2               1             3
Fanny   1           1               7             2
Tay      4           5               5             9
Justin   3           4               4             7
Ian      6           6               3             9
1st Fanny
2nd Jimi
3rd Moon
4th Justin
5th Tay
6th Ian
 So WELL DONE to all of today's racers and winners! It was again a joy to watch. And well done to Fanny for taking the gold today.
Join us next Sunday at 7 am at SLIFF for some more awesome racing

Fair winds and following seas

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