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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 3rd June, 2018

SLIFF Skagway Bandit IF

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Posted 04 June 2018 - 07:35 AM

Sunday 20th May, 07:00 SLT
SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway
After a couple of days of SL playing silly with sim crossings, I was unsure how things would go at SLIFF, but apart from Fanny and Red suffering from crashes (and a bit of annoying lag of course), we had some great racing in the Blake Passage. With eight boats at the start, we were able to sail a series of three races.
Results and race comments:
Race Results:
1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:15:56
2: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:16:55
3: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:17:10
4: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:18:22
5: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:19:31
6: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:20:48
7: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- not Finished
8: RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- not Finished
Lap Times:
Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:15:49
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:13  --  Last lap: 00:16:42
SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:10  --  Last lap: 00:17:00
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: 00:18:15
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:27  --  Last lap: 00:19:04
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:20:37
FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:04  --  Last lap: not finished
RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- Start: 00:00:18  --  Last lap: not finished
There was a close race between the first three, with Jimi taking the early lead and never really looking back. Fanny and Moonglow were caught in a close battle, particularly through the narrow passage between the island in Puget Sound, but they kept it clean and very professional. Sadly Fanny lost her second place about 100m from the finish when she lost control and her boat sailed off (with her apparently still on board) into the wild blue yonder...
Race Results:
1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:18:55
2: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:20:16
3: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:20:31
4: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:21:00
5: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:21:37
6: RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- 00:22:23
7: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:23:32
8: FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- not Finished
Lap Times:
Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:18:49
SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:02  --  Last lap: 00:20:14
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:20:25
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:13  --  Last lap: 00:20:47
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:38  --  Last lap: 00:20:59
RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- Start: 00:02:13  --  Last lap: 00:20:10
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:35  --  Last lap: 00:22:57
FannyVermont Resident   IDBSE5D4 -- Start: 00:00:10  --  Last lap: not finished
This race produced another really close fought upwind leg with Jimi (once again) taking the honours at the first mark. Fanny was then seen to be giving herself a 360 penalty just before the mark ... or is that TWO 360 penalties she's doing ... oh, she's not on board and her IF is doing the penalties ... ah well, another crash for Fanny and retirement from the rest of the racing :(
Fanny's demise left Jimi out in front with an unassailable lead with Justin and Moonglow fighting it out for second place, closely stalked by a charging Ruggero. Both Tay and Red crashed before the start, hence their later starts, but Red particularly had a great time after recovering in a fresh boat.
Race Results:
1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:15:45
2: RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- 00:16:40
3: SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- 00:16:52
4: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:18:13
5: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:18:20
6: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:19:29
7: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- DSQ
Lap Times:
Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:15:39
RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: 00:16:29
SteveLL Resident   IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:25  --  Last lap: 00:16:27
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: 00:17:56
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:29  --  Last lap: 00:17:44
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:28  --  Last lap: 00:17:52
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:28  --  Last lap: 00:19:01
The final race of the day was largely uneventful with Jimi taking his usual position at the front of the fleet. Red and Justin had a really close battle in the middle section of the course with Red just managing to squeeze ahead for second place. The excitement was behind them with Ruggero and Moonglow sailing gunwale to gunwale down the final leg towards the line. They both needed to gybe to cross the line, but Ruggero was the leeward boat so held all the cards and delayed ... and delayed ... and DELAYED his gybe so late that he had to drop his spinnaker and had all sorts of bother getting across the line, allowing Tay to sneak through and claim 4th place. Meanwhile poor Moonglow was even further past the line and after dropping his spinnaker also sailed UPWIND across the line. Unfortunately this meant he crossed the line from the wrong side which means he didn't complete the course successfully, but what an exciting and interesting finish to watch in the mid-field.
So ended a good, competitive day's racing, despite the frustrations of some of the competitors with SL performance. Despite Moonglow's incorrect finish in the final race, he still managed THIRD overall for the day, with Justin deservedly taking the SECOND step. Jimi, with his three straight wins, naturally proudly held his arms in the air (I hate the animations on that podium lol) taking FIRST overall. Congratulations Jimi!


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