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N-17 racing from NYC Bowsprit Tuesday 8th May 3pm

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Posted 15 May 2018 - 12:18 AM

As always, I crack the whip to get in 4 races in the hour.  Well I have RD'd some events, but this was crazy , in a funny way.


I introduced a new course, B814, and no-one had ever raced it before today. Our intrepid Head Race Director quickly threw together the data needed for the USB nav aid.


Then off we raced, or I mean off they raced. Me? I aint that stoopid to race a new untried course.

Lalia led the way followed by Moon and Justin. O yes, Iccy made an appearance and took up his usually place, errrr meandering around the course.


The three real sailors all finished, smugly wondering where Iccy was........... at that point I DSQ'd the lot of them for rounding the wrong last mark.

Half an hour, or so it seemed, along toodles Iccy, and he was the only one not using a nav aid, and he was the only one to actually READ the chart, and he rounded the right last mark, ohhhh ooopsy no, he clattered into it so hard it span him around, and he actually backed around it.

As he didnt do a penalty turn, I proudly DSQ'd him as well. ha ha


Here are the events results, and yes I did include the crazy race, only cos Iccy sort of did it right


Auntie Gemma




1: Gemma Vuckovic   ID.GV6 -- 00:10:26

 2: moonglownight Resident   ID.MR02 -- 00:10:31

 3: SteveLL Resident   ID.SR2 -- 00:11:08

 4: LaliaCasau Resident   ID.LR34 -- 00:11:24

 5: icccy Resident   ID.IR6 -- not Finished



1: LaliaCasau Resident   ID.LR34 -- 00:10:39

 2: moonglownight Resident   ID.MR02 -- 00:11:24

 3: Gemma Vuckovic   ID.GV6 -- 00:11:26



1: moonglownight Resident   ID.MR02 -- 00:10:33

2: icccy Resident   ID.IR6 -- 00:11:44

3: SteveLL Resident   ID.SR2 -- not Finished

4: LaliaCasau Resident   ID.LR34 -- 00:10:42 **********DSQ, did the wrong course - B814 



1: icccy Resident   ID.IR6 -- 00:14:02 *******************DSQ for moving the last mark and not replacing it, or doing a penalty turn

2: LaliaCasau Resident   ID.LR34 -- 00:09:57********** DSQ for trusting Justins USB and rounding the wrong mark

3: moonglownight Resident   ID.MR02 -- 00:11:17 **** DSQ for trusting Justins USB and rounding the wrong mark

4: SteveLL Resident   ID.SR2 -- 00:11:27 ************** DSQ for using his own USB and rounding the wrong mark, also DSQ for screwing up the USB in the first place


#2 Justin Blade

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Posted 15 May 2018 - 11:37 PM


Imperium Neptuni Regis

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