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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 3rd December, 2017

SLIFF Skagway Bandit IF

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Posted 03 December 2017 - 06:00 PM

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Sunday 3rd December, 7am SLT
SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway
Nice turnout today with 10 boats showing up in good time for the skippers briefing. We got the first heat underway before 7am, and worked hard at a quick turnaround between races to maximise the time we spent on the water and minimise the time we spent ashore. Surely that's what it's all about?
SL played fair today, with only 2 crashes, one of which was Neil temporarily going for a swim before climbing back on board again. And both those crashes were in the final race, so the heats and the A Final were unaffected. 
Congratulations to Jimi Lanley for the overall win today!
Attendees: Jimi, Alice, Moon, Red, Alex, Tay, Neil, Henry, Soh (with Milky for the B Final), and Rugger.
Results and commentary:
Race Results:
1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:14:06
2: alice8200 Resident   IDBSB816 -- 00:14:09
3: ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- 00:15:39
4: eager2discover Resident   IDBSBAD2 -- 00:15:48
5: sohaidan Resident   IDBS5CF3 -- 00:17:22
Lap Times:
Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:12  --  Last lap: 00:13:54
alice8200 Resident   IDBSB816 -- Start: 00:00:09  --  Last lap: 00:14:00
ruggeromare Resident   IDBSF78D -- Start: 00:00:27  --  Last lap: 00:15:12
eager2discover Resident   IDBSBAD2 -- Start: 00:00:30  --  Last lap: 00:15:18
sohaidan Resident   IDBS5CF3 -- Start: 00:00:39  --  Last lap: 00:16:43
Alice got a great start and gave Jimi a really hard race upwind. Then she fell back slightly, nearly into the grips of Neil who gave her a serious run for her money. Then on the final downwind she got some extra speed back and was narrowly beaten by Jimi by 3 seconds on the line. Excellent racing!
Race Results:
1: ramuf Resident   IDBSBD2E -- 00:13:35
2: RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- 00:14:08
3: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:14:15
4: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:15:40
5: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:17:42
Lap Times:
ramuf Resident   IDBSBD2E -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:13:29
RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- Start: 00:00:15  --  Last lap: 00:13:53
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:18  --  Last lap: 00:13:57
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:22  --  Last lap: 00:15:18
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:50  --  Last lap: 00:16:52
Moon and Red had some seriously close racing, narrowly avoiding contact or the need for protests on the reach through Tongass and Ketchikan. It was close at the finish too as Red just managed to keep herself ahead. Alex, of course, showed his usual speed for a relatively easy win. MORE great racing!
A Final - SLIFF-05
Race Results:
1: Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- 00:23:58
2: alice8200 Resident   IDBSB816 -- 00:25:54
3: moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- 00:26:15
4: RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- 00:26:25
5: ramuf Resident   IDBSBD2E -- DSQ
Lap Times:
Jimi Lanley   IDBS5D84 -- Start: 00:00:04  --  Last lap: 00:23:54
alice8200 Resident   IDBSB816 -- Start: 00:00:05  --  Last lap: 00:25:49
moonglownight Resident   IDBSBF2E -- Start: 00:00:04  --  Last lap: 00:26:11
RedHeadJO Resident   IDBS5D9B -- Start: 00:00:14  --  Last lap: 00:26:11
ramuf Resident   IDBSBD2E -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: DSQ
Alex was unfortunately judged by the RD to have barged Alice on the start line, then was disqualified when he failed to complete his penalty turn properly - when you start a 360 on port tack, you must finish on port tack with the tack and gybe in close succession. Alice then lost her lead to Jimi at the first windward mark, part of her problem being the loss of her wifi keyboard connection then 'getting lost' as she performed a few more circles than necessary. Jimi sailed off into the sunset leaving Alice to fight for second place with some very close racing with Moon. ANOTHER great demonstration of IF racing at its best  :)
B Final - SLIFF-05
Race Results:
1: Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- 00:28:19
2: eager2discover Resident   IDBSBAD2 -- 00:28:53
3: henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- 00:29:45
4: sohaidan Resident   IDBS5CF3 -- DNF
Lap Times:
Tay Beningborough   IDBS96D5 -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: 00:28:11
eager2discover Resident   IDBSBAD2 -- Start: 00:00:22  --  Last lap: 00:28:31
henry600 Resident   IDBS546D -- Start: 00:00:12  --  Last lap: 00:29:33
sohaidan Resident   IDBS5CF3 -- Start: 00:00:11  --  Last lap: DNF


Tay had a useful lead at the first windward mark, but got herself tied in a few knots and gybed unnecessarily, bumped Neil in the process and left herself a lot of work to fight back to 2nd place ahead of Soh and Milky, who promptly crashed and disappeared off into Silicon Valley somewhere. Neil had a healthy lead on the westward run to the Ketchikan mark, but unfortunately went swimming and by the time he caught up with his boat (which continued to round the mark for him), he just lost the lead to Tay and never got it back. In fact, they both almost lost out to Henry who rounded Ketchikan mark much more tidily and nearly stole the lead from them. WOW, can racing get any better in SL?


It's good to be back!  ;)


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Posted 04 December 2017 - 10:23 PM

Unofficial Overall Standing at SLIFF


With only a few races left the top three places can still switch any way.

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