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Riva Iseo GTFO integration

Riva Iseo Integration

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Joaz Janus


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 11:35 AM

I recently picked up the free package from Bruissac Harbour, this includes GTFO barrels crates, pallets, containers etc

I admire the way the Luxe by Analyse seamlessly integrates with the dock loaders, you see the crates leave the ship and disappear up the loader, this comes fully integrated out of the box.

I also drive a Riva  Iseo motor boat from The Mesh Shop, and wondered if I could achieve something similar. This boat does not come with full GTFO integration out of the box.


I rezzed 5 barrels naming them CARGO!1  CARGO!2  etc, using Nikkis relink script I added them to the boat, it worked perfectly, just like the Luxe, with one caveat, it left CARGO!1 visible at all times….good, but not perfect.


The solution is to make CARGO!1 100% transparent and move one of the other barrels to fill the “vacancy”.


Now it is perfect..when fully loaded it shows all barrels ( except the invisible CARGO!1), and when unloaded it is fully empty.





This may seem like more hassle than it is worth, laughs, but it helps immerse you in this addictive game more fully, and opens the door to full GTFO integration with many diverse vehicles.






Thanks to Syler for the advice and help.





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