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Morning run to Dutch`s thoughts and a time for a change.

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Rose Brightflame


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Posted 25 October 2017 - 12:00 PM

Early morning the ship lays creaking in the dock, She wants to leave, to be free, to run in the wind and salt sea spray. The dockers with the foulest of language, spitting and jesting and jeering the day as the barrels load in the holds. They see me coming shrink away in the darkest holes and spaces of the hold. Some are trying to keep from the Firsts gaze, But yet they are seen, heard with the ears that hunt for food.

The foreman with cap in hand nods softly an old hand realises the truth of an old sailor, and the load is caste and set. dockers scurry now to close the holds catch and lip, before rushing to leave in such haste. Chuckling as I watch these feeble human rats. Fear it seems is still a great motivator. An Almost imperceivable nod of recognition and our eyes meet, No words are needed the load sheet handed over with silent relief to finish this load.

Hoisting sails, a task better fit for a crew, is a blessed relief to me. The wind lapping at the topsail, as she catches the wind. each sail billows lufting in the morning light just the once before catching and holding, propelling us to our destination. As the foresail leans her softly in the north westerly wind. The memories of the Marquis still in my mind, Seeing her breathing in the dock. Fills me with a hope for the new day.

The speed gathers as we pass the lighthouse marking the true start of our journey today. Leaning to look and watch the sun start its climb over the Sky, Just as She said it would each day.





The morning looks so eerily calm, almost gentle in its breaking today. Brings a giantess to think of the truth of Her words ” time to change to evolve” so true, so very true. “If we do not change adapt with the times and needs about us, we grow stale as old beer. I recall such a teaching from the Mother, Her soft words still ringing in my ears, as I told Her I was going to sea to find my future.



Dropping the topsail as Our ship makes her way nimble as a brick around Lucia and over towards Rollo, The Sheets finding new angles to catch the wind keeling her in the gentle morning, with white crests forming as we gather more pace. As the soft lashing of the white crests meets our bow, I am reminded of the first time I saw Kyral Threndor in the morning light. Our hopes and dreams of a new home “to be Homed once more”. It is something all giants have as a basic need.



Kryal Threndor is our home. We built it to enjoy and to share with others who wish to do so. We’re avid sailors so The Marina at Kryal Threndor was built to share with those who enjoy the fun of the seas of Second Life.

We’re located on Corsica mainland on the region known as Absolution on the world map. 􀀀

Kryal Threndor is a Mainland / Full Region with open access to the Second Life seas on our southern and easter borders.

The Marina currently has 15 slips for various size boats. Our Large Boat slips are priced at only L$200 per week for 125 prims. Small Boat slips are priced at L$125 for 75 prims. We have some flexibility in adjusting certain of these slips to meet other boat requirements. Contact us if you have and see what might be made available to meet your needs.

In addition to the boat slips, The Marina at Kryal Threndor features a dock side Club where we regularly hold dances with live DJs and The Shops at Kryal Threndor where you can find clothing as well as sailing related items.

Kryal Threndor features a Get The Freight Out (GTFO) terminal that supports all size of the maritime craft. The GTFO terminal is located on the Northeastern (NE) corner of the region.

At the 736 m level, Kryal Threndor houses the Brightflames Air Dome (BAD). This is a full-service airport that supports helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and air ships.

For those with a need for speed, there is The Track at Kryal Threndor, a full region sized track for motorcycles.

Aside from our Private Home, guests who rent a boat slip at The Marina have full access to all the region has to offer.

Our rules are simple. Naturally, Linden Labs Terms of Service apply. Other than that, the only other rules are to have fun while treating others with respect and kindness.

To join us at Kryal Threndor, simply pay a green (AVAILABLE) rental meter. You will then be personally invited to join the land group so make sure you have a group slot available.

All can rezz prims on Kryal Threndor. Items stay in the world for 30 minutes. Items belonging to guests who are land group members remain for the duration of the rental period.

If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

Thanks for your interest in Kryal Threndor.


ღBrace Brightflame™ღ (castedone2) [SLT +3, GMT +5]
ღRose Brightflame™ღ (celestrialrose) [SLT +8, GMT]
ღPaulinia ‘Petal’ Brightflame™ღ (pauliniadesire) [SLT +9, GMT +1]



Stone and sea, We have come so far, can We push on? can We build more? be more? to offer our truth to others? Aye, We can, and We WILL! for We are Brightflames!

Sipping Diamond Draft from the stone flask, I find solace in Her words, knowing that We are welcoming all to Our home, without judgement or prejudice. Oh, how the dockers will love that! More boats to keep an eye over! Laughing heartily at such an image as it crosses My Mind, I almost miss the body and marker for the South west  corner turn.

In the distance of the morning light glooms the funnels of that infernal steamer ship the iron-hulled one with the tree trunk tubes held aloft on her decks. Such Strange things these humans build. They say its to defend but oft times I see the destruction left in the wake of these metal monsters.



Thoughts drift to happier moments, of the tiny french girl petal, and her relationship with us, Her submission of herself to Our whim, such a valuable treasure indeed. Can it be that it hs so soon become another anniversary, and I think back to a fellow travellers of the pasts words ” Look to your conscience, ” Oh how those words stung as salt ina wound, but yet, upon reflection , rescuing my petal from her doldrums and lifting her to a state whee she can be truly herself is a honour not a fear.


As the sun climbs ever higher, The unloading process begins. pixies and elves run this dock. So the tales go, you never see them but your cargo unloads along a travelling road, with apparent ease, Chuckles and soft giggles heard to the fea, echo around the hold, as the load vanishes before my very eyes Stone and sea, and yet as if by some witches spell, or conjured trick the load sheet is signed with a large flamboyant hand. yet still I know not how this is done. So I alight the craft, take int he small seats in the food place, and with shekles handed over freely their tiny coins, across a table. and food in five plates appear. I eat alone feeling eyes upon me but never seeing any of those that the eyes belong to .. before I return to My ship the Trois en Un, sits reloaded with a north cargo of … Checking the load sheet I chuckle as I read, ” But Hurt Ointment” A load is a load.


Dropping the sails from their seated place, I am still chuckling hard as I stare out of the harbour, and west towards the island of the spyglass. Indeed my chuckles can still be heard as I round that point.

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 06:57 PM

Love the pics and all:)

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 11:00 PM

Cool pics nice story 

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