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IDEA PLOTTING - GTFO: Trade and Treasure (aka Trade and Piracy)

smuggling looting yarrrrrr

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 04:44 PM

Because of the associated complexities, the Trade and Piracy bits will be spun off into their own system.


GTFO! Trade and Treasure


The Broadsides, Cannonball Points, the Tee-Dee; Ell-ARRRRRRR...... (the gist of it deal)

  • Instead of paid jobs, you'll be buying your own goods at ports and trading them for higher profits.
  • You'll have to sail the 'tradewinds', daily changing currents that will provide a challenge to novices.
  • You'll be paying for upkeep such as hard tack, grog, cannonballs, monkey treats, and boat repairs.
  • You'll have to fend off vicious pirates armed with cannons who want to plunder your booty.
  • The amount of booty plundered can be negotiated with intership trade, or cannons!

Eligible Ships:

  • Marie Celeste
  • HMS Bandit (?)
  • Upcoming Bandit Piratey Boat
  • Other manufacturers TBA. 

Trade Mechanics:

  • Different ports around the Nauti-Blake (and more later) area have different goods to sell.
  • In some cases you might be able to salvage or obtain goods without paying. (ie: piracy, salvage, farming)
  • Most ports a distance away will buy your goods for a  (distance + negotiation skill) profit.
  • Some ports actually want that stuff and will pay a better price for it when they need more of that good.

Combat Mechanics

  • Combat will only be available on certain open stretches and not withing x sims of a GTFO port to prevent camping.
  • GTFOTT ships will be be able to detect each other in the same region, or maybe even close proximity sims.
  • Ships with cannons can target another ship, and if they are inside the cannon's firing arc (ie: broadside angle) they can be fired upon.
  • If you fire on another ship, there is a chance the cannon will inflict damage. 
  • Too much damage will cause cargo to spill from the hold, or immobilize or destroy the ship.
  • An immobilized ship can be repaired if you have the materials and don't sink first.
  • Immobilized and Sunk ships can be looted. (A sunk vessel will be marked and can be looted for up to two hours)
  • Pirates will be marked in the system and may attain a bounty that will increase as they offender commits piracy until kilt.

Salvage Mechanics

  • If you have the time to park at a shipwreck or explore the shallows of the SL seas (it's all ~20-25m except two water bodies in Sansara) you'll can find all kinds of goods from lost shipping or random tectonic events along the seafloor. 
  • Any salvage capable vessel (which will be visible inthe Vehicle sheet) can pull large or small salvage items and sell them at port.
  • If you made your own shipwreck you might be able to collect some booty.


Potential Questions

  • Will this be separate from GTFO?
    Yes. The codebase will be stupidly huge and wasted on 99% of our vehicles if I was integrated
  • Will this work with existing GTFO ports?
  • Will I be able to use (insert existing combat system here) and nuke shipping traffic from my U-Boat?
    *muffled cursing and foaming* No.
  • Will my G$ balance carry over and back?
  • Will my XP carry over?
  • Can I enable modern sailing boats for this?
    Maybe, can you mount a cannon on it?
  • Can I enable modern non-sailing boats and give them AKs and RPGs instead of cannons?
    Not in THIS iteration but if enough people bribe me I can make that an option. 

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