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How To Get Your No-MOD Vehicle into GTFO!

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Posted 17 June 2017 - 03:14 AM

Howdy, Folks!


Rez here! When I started GTFO!, we (the royal 'we') started with modify vehicles because it was easier to let users inject aftermarket scripts.


As of 6/19/2017 we're up to 155 vehicles from (see Supported Vehicles) many different brands, of those, only 3 are no-mod. 


With the new "Docking Update" we're working with more creators to get their mod products added and scripts added to no-mod products.


Benefits of getting your no-mod vehicle GTFO Enabled

  • Existing users will get more use out of your vehicle.
  • New users will buy your vehicle just to drive around pretending to deliver cargo.
  • People will see your vehicle at many places and go "That's nifty! I'm going on MP right now to get my own!"


Requirements for GTFO eligability

  • Content must be original content or from a properly licensed content source.
    Example: If your marketplace page looks like the CG asset page for Left 4 Dead, or World of Warships, we will add you to Project Wardstone, not GTFO)
  • Must be for sale in-world or marketplace. (We'll soon be adding SLURLS to the website for commercial stores!)
  • Vehicle should be able to to move and survive sim crossings and not be a multi-part 1500li war crime
    Example: Moo Spyker's space ships are awesome, but not applicable. The Consul Pust is fine.
  • Should be of reasonable size for SL marinas, water ports, or airports where applicable
    (So your Triple-E and Antonov 225s are right out)
  • Creator should not have tried to have Rez, or his SL projects, or websites taken down 


Steps for Getting GTFO Certified

  1. Make a vehicle, or have one in development stages.(Mod optional)
  2. Contact Rez Gray in-world via notecard or email rez@shinybrand.com
  3. Work with Rez to make a custom API script or help you bake the API into your control scripts and configure displayed cargo.
  4. Deploy Product
  5. Rejoice as your customers, to quote an old country singer, "rock that beast up and down the coast" delivering freight and repping your brand! 

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