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Get The Freight Out! - About and FAQ

gtfo manual help

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Posted 05 June 2017 - 10:17 PM

Getting The Freight Out (or GTFO!) is a game for vehicle owners in SL. It enables them to pretend to haul cargo for pretend money! 
It's available for select SL Air and Sea Vehicles, and works in a wide number of regions in the SL mainlands.


Let Me Show You It's Features

  • Works with a good amount of SL planes, helicopters, boats, sailboats, and select weird vehicles.
  • Hub locations in in three SL continents, Fruit Islands / Eden, and upcoming locations.
  • Fun things like "Progression" , level up by running jobs.
  • Earn fake money you spend on bigger jobs and eventually...more things!
  • Just have fun flying or sailing around with a destination ahead of you!


Frequent Questions



Because. It's like EuroTruck Simulator or Farming Simulator, it's relaxing and/or exciting to perform a job.


What's the difference between the Free (L$0) and Paid (L$699) Versions

The Freebie version caps out at Level 5 and does not contain bonuses for travelling long distances.

The Paid Version will also have more options for jobs and progression.


Why is my vehicle not working after I put in the box and script?

  • The Object named GTFO!<apicode> AND the API Script must BOTH be in the root of the vehicle.
    If you stick the script in the box, it will not be able to run while in thevehicle.
  • Did you name the block GTFO!xxx where xxx is a code listed at http://tradeandtreas.../gtfo/vehicles/
    during some troubleshooting calls I've seen people set the block's name to the name they gave their ship, like GTFO!BoatyMcBoatface, this is not valid
  • Did you use an API code from the table that matches the boats creator? That's kind of important.
  • Did you use the API code for the actual product? Some vehicles may not work if you try to cheat using a higher capacity vessel.
  • Did you put the script and named block in the ROOT and not a child prim? 


Why does my / your math seem off on deliveries?

It might be. When we do the overhaul I will get outside help




I'm still migrating questions but you can read the old pre-launch questions at: http://tradeandtreasure.com/gtfo/faq/

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Posted 05 June 2017 - 10:52 PM

Startup and Gameplay



  1. Unpack the GTFO Kit into Inventory
  2. Rez your vehicle.
  3. Make a default plywood cube.
  4. Consulting the GTFO! Vehicle API Code Table, name this cube "GTFO!<code>" (example: GTFO!BNDT380)
  5. Take this named cube into your inventory.
  6. Edit your vehicle, and insert the cube (GTFO!xxxx) into the vehicle's contents (note: must be in the object's root , it will be outlined in yellow and is the default editing location)
  7. Insert the GTFO! API Script from your Kit into the vehicle's contents.
  8. The Vehicle will tell you the code is now set to xxxx
  9. If you're wearing the HUD, it might tell you if the code did not work, it it does not, consult the vehicle table again.
  10. Take your vehicle into inventory so that you have a backup copy. 


  1. Visit a GTFO! Hub Region. 
    - If you're in a mainland sim you can click the hud and use "Find Hubs"
    - Or you can consult this up-to-date-ish Location Page
  2. Rez your vehicle with GTFO! installed (or install using the instructions above)
  3. Sit in the vehicle. If everything works, the Hud will tell you the vehicle's basic statistics.
  4. The hud will say 'Click Here For Jobs', click it, then "Get Jobs"
  5. Depending on your vehicle, you'll be offered one or more types of Jobs
    - Courier / Freight Jobs, take cargo to another hub region (depends on vehicle size)
    - Bulk Jobs, take a lot of cheap cargo to another hub region (cheaper cargo for large vehicles and starting players)
    - Air Drops, go to a random sim and drop cargo over water or land. (for variety)
    - Heavy Loads, carry one BIG thing to a destination, but with high escrow, so don't screw up
  6. Click the Job Type, then a Destination. Destinations will be limited to what your vehicle can visit.
    (oh, yeah, if you spawn a vehicle not fit for the sim you're in, you may not be able to take jobs. So don't launch a Celeste out of Hollywood Airport!
  7. After picking a destination, you'll be offered various cargoes. 
    These cargoes have varying price points so be sure to pick one that earns more but fits in your comfort range for escrow or sounds funny.
  8. Confirm the Order and WAIT FOR THE CARGO TO LOAD.
    Do not leave the sim,.
  9. After cargo is done, you'll be instructed to depart.
  10. Here's the tricky bit, get your vehicle to the destination. 
    If you eat a sim border or get disconnected, you can re-rez the vehicle and continue.
  11. On arriving at your destination, click 'Deliver'.
    If you're a real speed demon or master boat driver it's possible to arrive sooner than the recipient region is ready to handle your cargo, so you'll need to wait.
    If not, wait for the cargo to unload.
  12. After cargo is unloaded, you'll get paid.
    If you're considered to have arrived 'late' you may see a reduced payout.
  13. Repeat Steps 1-12 until bored.

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