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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 17th June, 2018

Race Results Yesterday, 04:39 PM
Sunday 20th May, 07:00 SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   We had eight boats turned up for the start of our weekly Sunday@SLIFF Bandit IF races today. More boats, of course, can always lead to more lag and this was certainly evident at the start and through the first couple of sims...
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Shields@Noon - June 16th, 2018

Race Results Yesterday, 02:51 PM
After a break following my little accident I am good enough to return to business in SL Only Paul and Moon showed this week, and I had a passenger that was learning the basics in racing. First race was a disaster: Paul missed 1st mark and gave up when realised his mistake; After 1st lap, I lost...
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HOTLAPS -Barcola- June 16th to June 22nd

HOTLAPS 16 Jun 2018
We warmly thank Bert (bertram.merlin) for hosting Hotlaps this week in Barcola!  From Saturday June 16th to Friday June 22nd come try your luck and do your best laps at the Barcola Hotlaps in the Western Sansara area. All you will need is at this location...Barcola Course for this...
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Thursday NYC Nacra 17 June 14

Race Results 14 Jun 2018
Today’s Nacra 17 race featured a mix of skippers coming and going but all had fun. The first two races were sailed under a moderate to brisk wind of 18 kts and by the time we got to the final it had picked up to an average of 21 gusty kts. Congratulations to Fanny for her wins and thank you to th...
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Wednesday NYC Shields Class Race 13 June

Race Results 13 Jun 2018
A slow turn out tonight. Moon had control issues and dropped out of the first race. The second was close between Moon and Justin with Moon leading until the turn at Travertine. Moon drifted a bit high and Justin slipped past to gain the lead and hold it.   The third race was decimated by som...
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