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Wednesday Shields Racing at Nantucket Yacht Club October 19

Race Results Yesterday, 12:49 AM
The Blake sea was much better behaved tonight so we were able to complete our Shields Class race. Bridget had some unusual problems with her boat and dropped out and Georgina and a camera issue on a sim crossing in the final race, otherwise all went well.   Congratulations to Indra for her t...
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Tuesday Bandit IF races at Nantucket Yacht Club October 18

Race Results 19 Oct 2016
The Blake Sea was in horrible condition today as we practiced for a couple of hours before the race and during the race. Actually more skippers survived the races then the practices. Those that didn’t crash had script errors, lack of control over their boats and unseatings. Even the RD crashed du...
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Monday Quest 2m Races at Nantucket Yacht Club October 17

Race Results 18 Oct 2016
Our Quest 2m race went well. Good turn out, great weather and no interference from tourists. We raced the course and wind to be used in this Saturday’s Francois Jacques Memorial regatta and had a lot of fun. The racing was close and several changes in lead in all three races.   Thank you to...
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FIYC Tuesday Night Fever on the IF - October 11th

Race Results 17 Oct 2016
Another fine night of sailing on the Blake sea! Congrats to Nozomi and Justin for their wins. The races were again quite tight, with repeated changes of leaders as the wind shifted and different outside events impacted the race (esp. in race 3)Everyone did great starts (with the exception of...
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BB-Night Thursdays @NYC - Oct. 6th & 13th

Race Results 17 Oct 2016
Not the big crowd on Thursday nights, but fun and disputed races nevertheless  On the 6th, a mixed fleet of 2 OD65 and 3 ACA33 were ready to battle it out. We had nice and fair regattas, with the ACA holding their ground on the beats, but being overwhelmed by the sheer speed of the ODs downw...
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