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N-17 racing from NYC Bowsprit 22nd May 3pm

Race Results 23 May 2018
Do I ever host a race that goes ahead without drama, NO you shout, well true to form we had drama.   I decided to race one of the new courses for the second race. "where's the USB notecard " says Moon. Well of course I hadnt got a clue where mine was so I tried to whisper "I dont have one" b...
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Bandit IF racing from NYC Monday 21st May 3pm

Race Results 22 May 2018
Apart from my favourite RD hosting today (ME !) everyone else had fun, even if it was the Fanny / Moon / Viv / Yomogi procession today.   Now I have to put my hand up and say I robbed Viv of a second place in race two. A day tripper was headed across her path and I had a 4 way sim crossing b...
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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 20th May, 2018

Race Results 20 May 2018
Sunday 20th May, 07:00 SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   What a great day's racing again! With nine Bandit IF's at the start, I decided to see if the sims - which have cooperated very well for the past couple of weeks - would allow us to race the whole fleet as one ... and wow, wit...
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HOTLAPS -Faracity- May 19th to May 25th

HOTLAPS 19 May 2018
A BIG thanks to Dorico and Sara for hosting Hotlaps this week at their so lovely place, Marina Dorica.  From Saturday May 19th to Friday May 25th come try your luck and do your best laps at the Faracity Hotlaps in the Dire Strait area. All you will need is at this location...Faracity...
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Tuesday Bandit IF racing at NYC May 15

Race Results 15 May 2018
Tonight we had some fun racing accompanied by good weather. The first race was for two laps. Red got off to a great start and held it for the whole race but had to fight off both Moon and Fanny at various times, they pushed and pushed but couldn’t quite get past her. Moon and Fanny fought the who...
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