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HOTLAPS -Assumption Isle- December 3rd to December 9th

HOTLAPS 03 Dec 2016
We are hotlapping this week in the warm Seychelles Isles thanks to the family Gold for hosting Hotlaps at the Assumption Isle From Saturday December 3rd to Friday December 9th come try your luck and do your best laps at the Assumption Isle Hotlaps.All you will need is at this location...http://ma...
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Wednesday Shields Racing at Nantucket Yacht Club November 30

Race Results 01 Dec 2016
We had a good turn out and a well behaved Blake Sea for tonight’s Shields Class races. We tried a slightly slower and less variable wind for a change, the skippers were of the opinion it was too mild so I’ll try to put together something more challenging for the next race.   Congratulations...
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Monday Quest 2m Races at Nantucket Yacht Club November 28

Race Results 29 Nov 2016
The Quest 2m is a fast and fun boat to race and tonight some friends gathered and sailed her around the buoys in a casual but close race. The Blake Sea was back to being well behaved with Lamp being the only casualty in the first race.   Congratulations to Gemma, Iccy and Lamp for their vict...
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SLIFF - Race Results - Sunday Morning 27th of November 2016

Race Results 27 Nov 2016
Sunday 27th of November 2016, 7am SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   We were blessed again with a great turn out this week with 10 IFs at the start here at Skagway! We ran SLIFF-01 in the heats and SLIFF-06 for the final. Unfortunately the SL Lag monster was in a very bad mood toda...
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HOTLAPS -Sidra- November 26th to December 2nd

HOTLAPS 27 Nov 2016
This weeks Hotlaps are in the Sea of Fables and Ice Bay waters and are hosted by SweetDebbie Juilesse a big thanks to her From Saturday November 26th to Friday December 2nd come try your luck and do your best laps at the Sidra Hotlaps.All you will need is at this location...http://maps.secondli.....
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