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Sunday@SLIFF Race Results - 21 May 2017

Race Results 21 May 2017
Our usual turnout of twelve boats today at our weekly Sunday@SLIFF races. The sims were all restarted yesterday and behaved reasonably well except for one which liked us so much it seemed reluctant to let some of us leave. So unfortunately we had more DNF's than we'd like.   We had some exce...
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Shields@Noon in TrYC - May 20th

Race Results 21 May 2017
A small but great fleet. Two skippers had to pay penalty, one in each race, but otherwise a nice afternoon. O2 Race Results:  1: PhilOona Resident   IDOONA -- 00:11:13  2: Wipster Baxter   IDWB01V2 -- 00:11:32  3: xPaulx Paine   IDXP1 -- 00:11:41...
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NYC Nacra 11am races -Thursday May.18

Race Results 20 May 2017
Just 3 of us today...  The results of a very late race notice and poor sailing conditions over the previous days, I am afraid...   We managed a fine series of races. Wind was SE today, which changed radically the start sequence and bearings on the courses, so it was a question of who ma...
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HOTLAPS -Sleepover- May 20th to May 26th

HOTLAPS 20 May 2017
Thanks to HP Darcy for hosting this weeks Hotlaps. Please check out his parcel From Saturday May 20th to Friday May 26th come try your luck and do your best laps at the Sleepover Hotlaps in South East Nautilus area.All you will need is at this location...SleepoverCourse for this Hotlaps…Main thin...
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New N+K ship released - N+K Mercury class corvette

Sail Boats 19 May 2017
Dear all,   we've finally joined the platform! So let's start bottoms up and introduce our latest ship, the N+K Mercury class corvette (French term), or sloop of war. In the British Royal Navy of the 18th century sloop'o'war type ships were full rigged (three masted) ships with an armament j...
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