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Wednesday NYC Shields Class Race 21 Feb.

Race Results Today, 12:59 AM
The Blake Sea was very well behaved tonight and so were the many other boaters out there so we had no incidents. Don was learning the boat so will no doubt improve as time goes on and Iccy did well considering he was on a slow hotel wifi and had been traveling for most of the day.   Congratu...
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New vehicles coming out need update to GTFO roster

GTFO Yesterday, 11:18 AM
hey there,  Zora just released the Learjet and i also noticed Tigs Bell 212 helo  are not listed, Also if we have a "modded vehicle" is there a generic set of cargo listings we can use for them? i have a few boats made by tig i rebuilt into bigger cargo ships ,
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Tuesday Bandit IF racing at NYC Feb 20

Race Results Yesterday, 01:21 AM
Tonight we moved to the Bowsprit line and shorter courses. This gave us the chance to use much slower winds, 6 kts tonight. This was an interesting race, the slower winds do make a difference. For the most part I think they were enjoyed and we will be doing more of this in the future.   Cong...
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Monday Trudeau 12M races, NYC

Race Results 20 Feb 2018
A small turn out tonight but our skippers had fun. Not sure if Taka crashed or had to leave as sometimes happens for him. The weather was great and the only non-racing issues was with a couple of square riggers having combat and drifting onto the course. There has been an on going discussion with...
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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 18th February 2018

Race Results 18 Feb 2018
Sunday 18th February, 7am SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   We had a successful day at SLIFF today with numbers back up to our regular dozen. It was good to welcome back two of our regular racers we've been missing for a while, and a couple of newer faces as well, including Randy c...
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