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HOTLAPS -GWSC- July 21st to July 27th

HOTLAPS Today, 09:09 AM
A big thanks to Avery and Bob, of Gulls Wing Sailing Club who host us this week!And a special thanks to Isilme as well!  From Saturday July 21st to Friday July 27th come try your luck and do your best laps for the Gulls Wing Marina Hotlaps at Gulls Wing Sailing Club. All you will need i...
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Monday Bandit IF races at NYC 16 July

Race Results 16 Jul 2018
We had a fun evening racing the Bandit IF tonight. This time one course was chosen, raced first as a one lap race and then again as a two lap race. Wind setter buoys around the course added to the fun.   Fanny dominated tonight, Viv and Moon had some exciting moments at times and then Viv ma...
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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 15th July, 2018

Race Results 15 Jul 2018
Sunday 20th May, 07:00 SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   We had something a little bit different at SLIFF today.   Considering it's summer and the weather in Europe is STILL pretty amazing (amazingly!), and considering that for some people there is a certain attraction in RL t...
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HOTLAPS -Cerrado- July 14th to July 20th

HOTLAPS 14 Jul 2018
A big thanks to Patrick Leavitt and to Patricio of Fishers Island Yacht Club who host us this week!  From Saturday July 14th to Friday July 20th come try your luck and do your best laps for the Cerrado Hotlaps at Fishers Island Yacht Club in Sailor Cove South area. All you will need is...
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Tuesday Bandit IF racing at NYC July 10

Race Results 11 Jul 2018
We had great race conditions in the Blake Sea tonight, consequently no crashes and now incidents with tourists. The race itself wasn’t extremely competitive. Viv joined late in the second race and put in a good showing in the third.   Congratulations to Fanny for her sweep and Moon for his g...
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