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Wednesday Shields Class races at NYC 13 December

Race Results Yesterday, 12:42 AM
Tonight’s Shields Class race went well for the most part. The two crashes in the last race were do to the course requiring a path too close to a four way corner. The course will be altered to correct that.   During the second race there was a good battle for most of the way between Georfina...
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Tuesday Bandit IF races at NYC 12 December

Race Results 13 Dec 2017
Tonight’s IF race had good weather and unusual very low traffic on the Blake Sea so the races went fast and no crashes or issues.   Congratulations to Fanny for her three wins. Moon should have won the third race after leading all the way but was caught by surprise with an extreme wind shift...
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Scavenger Hunt

Cruising 12 Dec 2017
Scavenger Hunt, from 21 to 31 December !!   Here is the first information (+ flyer or poster) for the upcoming Scavenger Hunt on the big seas around: Blake Sea, North Satori, Nautilis & Southern Causica. The Hunt Quests will be released via this forum, other sailing groups and available...
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Big Boat Races from NYC, Sunday 10th Dec

Race Results 11 Dec 2017
Four turned up to race, so I decided to join the fleet, YAY....not raced a Big Boat in many months.   Poor Fanny crashed in the first two races, awwww, but apart from that it was a very good series of races (especially as I won all three races in an ACA - not said that for a long time)...
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Sunday@SLIFF - Race Results - 10th December, 2017

Race Results 10 Dec 2017
Sunday 11th December, 7am SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS   Eight Bandit IFs gathered at the Skagway start line today for Sunday@SLIFF, although after Race 1 Red decided to crew for Tay so we only had seven boats in the final two races of our three-race series. Mind you, in the thi...
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