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STAR CLASS Racing Club (SCRC) -- Thursday 18th Oct 2018

Race Results Yesterday, 07:30 AM
We held a special event which wasn't about the racing this week, but about trying to record consistent laps for both crewed and non-crewed boats. The intention is to gather pairs of laps from the same helmsman, calculate the appropriate handicap to compensate for the extra speed of the crewed bo...
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Wednesday NYC 12m Race 17 October

Race Results 17 Oct 2018
Tonight was Trudeau 12m night at Nantucket Yacht Club. It is always a pleasure to watch these beautiful yachts race.   In the first race Fanny and Moon were close at first but then Fanny pulled ahead and maintained the lead for the rest of the race. Viv had a bad start, caught in a bad posit...
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HOTLAPS - Wyrldmaker - October 13th to October 20th

HOTLAPS 17 Oct 2018
Seems like someone forgot to post the notice for this week's Hotlaps !   Well, we stay not far from last week's location, sailing the same waters. The big difference is the wind: fasten your seatbelts, we get 25 knots of fresh breeze, enough to shake anyone's brushing   All details for...
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Tuesday Star Class racing at NYC October 16

Race Results 17 Oct 2018
In the first race Viv and Moon had their usual duel with Moon crossing the line in a close race. RL claimed Viv after that race but Takabou came in in time for the second race. Both second and third races were close but Moon managed to hold on and win. Unfortunately RL claimed Takabou during the...
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Monday Bandit IF races at NYC 15 October

Race Results 16 Oct 2018
Tonight’s race took place in gusty high winds adding a bit of a challenge to things. The skippers handled it well though and everyone had fun.   The first race divided into two pairs quickly with Moon (crewed by Sherry) and Viv battling for the lead and Johnny and Justin behind. From my posi...
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