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Monday Bandit IF Races at Nantucket August 29

Race Results Today, 01:26 AM
A good turn out of sailors and good weather for tonight’s IF race. Even the tourists were sparse and cooperative We had some close racing and a fun time. Tonight was Carter’s first race in SL and Ultramantra is showing progress, even taking second place in the second race. Congratulations to Fann...
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SLIFF - Race Results - Sunday Morning 28th of August 2016

Race Results 28 Aug 2016
  Sunday 28th of August 2016, 7am SLT SLIFF Clubhouse, Skagway RACE RESULTS     Because some of our regular racers had RL commitments to attend to, we choose with the 6 present racers to divert from the regular 2-heat-2-final system the SLIFF normally runs, to run a fleet racing r...
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Hotlaps Statistics

HOTLAPS 27 Aug 2016
I have added to my blog a post that I will keep updating weekly called 'Hotlaps Statistics'So far I have created a few clubs in it for top 100 Hotlaps sailors and top 200 Hotlaps sailboats used As of this post here are the top 3 sailors...LunaAzulejo Resident 667justMike247 Resident 651vivipezz R...
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HOTLAPS -South East Sansara - Lost Lakes - August 27th to...

HOTLAPS 27 Aug 2016
We have moved this week to Sasara's Lost Lakes in the southeastern part of the old continent.From Saturday August 27th to Friday September 2nd come try your luck and do your best laps at the Badger sim Hotlaps.All you will need is at this location...http://maps.secondli...adger/229/29/82Course fo...
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Small Boat Races at NYC Thursday Aug 25th 3pm

Race Results 27 Aug 2016
This was our second event with Small Boats, and its seems popular so far, but we could do with a few more skippers.I am quoted as saying that a small boat is not as big as a big boat, so come one, give it a try. Come sail your favourite small boat, its a handicapped event so everyone has a chance...
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